SPSP Overview

The Shared Parenting Support Program (SPSP)© responds to a crucial need of recently divorced families: learning to co-parent in the midst of crisis and conflict.  Click here for a extensive overview article for the Shared Parenting Support Program.

For Parents
Participants are parents and stepparents whose children live in two homes. They meet for ten 50-minute sessions to:
  • Evaluate and identify parenting skills
  • Define parenting goals
  • Learn structured communication techniques
  • Practice new co-parenting skills
SPSP success depends on people like you.

A number of therapists have been trained in this specific therapeutic approach, one that addresses the needs of parents raising children in two homes. This structured system facilitates the modulation of anger and conflict, helping parents channel the emotionality of divorce into positive communication skills.
A number of attorneys have also participated in the professional training in order to gain knowledge and understanding of this therapeutic approach, enabling them to better guide their clients into this co-parent therapy.